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We Are All Customers!

In his book, We Are All Customers! Alan Faingold examines organizational culture, team member performance and service excellence from the customer’s vantage point. Every customer deserves exceptional treatment from well-trained people who understand how to ensure customer loyalty. Who do you trust to treat you as a valued customer?

 “Are you a manager of people who serve customers? If so, this book is for you, whatever your industry. Alan and Elaine have integrated tried-and-true tenets of building customer loyalty with realities of today’s culture and technology: from Deming’s principles to today’s tablets on your dining table. Seven easy-read chapters will keep you captivated with illustrative narratives of what works and does not, how to notice and figure out customer feelings toward your brand, and how to affect those experiences so customers return to you and not your competitor. Customers are the heart of your business, the blood of what you do. Alan and Elaine help you get to the heart of building loyalty.”


Kelly S. Hall, Ph.D., Texas A&M University-Kingsville


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