Loyal Customers are the Diamonds of Your Business.

I've never met anyone who would be happy if they lost a diamond!


We help you keep customers loyal to you and your business.


Our video courses teach customer relations skills that benefit employees and managers and can help you and your team earn more money!


When customers win, you win!

"Are you a manager, team member, owner of a business? We are all customers and we can all learn something from thIS book!"


- Ann Love, State Farm Insurance

7 Star Scale of Excellence








90%=Excellent, 95-100%=Most Loyal Customers

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"Alan is a master customer loyalty subject matter expert. We loved learning from his training and his wealth of knowledge. We HIGHLY recommend him to any organization or individual looking to improve. He would add high value to any business."


- Camron Brewer, Co-Founder at Key Learning LLC and GoKey Designs

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